XR Zine Launches Nomination Campaign for Official Awards Competition

Christopher Crescitelli & co to honor landmarks in XR and immersive tech

by Christopher Crescitelli
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More so now than ever, pioneers in XR and immersive tech are leading the charge in how we interface with our world. New advances in their respective fields are reimagining our spaces and redefining the human experience. In recognition of these achievements, XRMagazine is scouring the globe looking for the best of the best for the 2020 edition of their Official Online Awards Competition. For the first time, DreamlandXR is opening the submission process to the public to ensure that any creator, regardless of size, can have a voice in the competition. 

Via the DreamlandXR website: “The top nominees will enter into a public voting period this December to determine the two finalists in each category. All finalists will be entered into the judges round to compete for top honors at the "Superstars of XR Awards Dinner" on Wednesday, January 8th at 8pm on the Las Vegas Strip.”

For more information and deadlines, visit here.



Live-Action XR

- Best Narrative Film or Short

- Best Documentary

- Best Non Profit or Social Cause

- Best Music Video

- Best Commercial/Branded Entertainment

- Best Project for Television

- Best Sports Project

- Best Medical Tech Project

- Best Educational Project

- Best Live Stream

- Best Experimental Project

- Best Real Estate Experience

- Best Virtual Travel Experience

- Best Experimental Project

Animated XR

- Best Narrative Animation

- Best Educational Project

- Best Music Video

- Best Commercial/Branded Entertainment

XR Games (VR+AR+MR)

- Best XR Game for Mobile/All in One/Wireless HMD

- Best XR Game for Tethered HMD

- Best XR Location-Based Entertainment

- Best XR E-Sports Experience

General XR Awards

-Audience Award

-Best use of XR Technology

-Most Immersive XR Experience

-Best Augmented Reality Experience

-Best Mixed Reality Experience

-Best Director

-Best Cinematography

-Best Virtual World Platform

-Best Social VR Platform

-Best Interactive Hologram

-Best 3D/LED Mapping Display

-Best Volumetric Experience

-Best Interactive 3D LED Experience

-Best 3D Body Scanner

-Best Artificial Intelligence

-Best AR Indoor Navigation

-Best Haptic Feedback Solution

-Best 360 Dome Projection Experience

-Best XR Wearable or Accessory