Metastage Mixed Reality Studio opens in Los Angeles

Bringing Humans, Animals and Dynamic Objects into Digital Experiences

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Mixed reality (MR) studio, Metastage opens their doors to creators in Los Angeles, California as the first U.S. Partner for Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studios. The Metastage studio is equipped to create lifelike volumetric capture and allow consumers to see the world in a very different way.

People are beautiful, unique, dynamic beings, and Metastage brings the power of human performance to the digital world with unparalleled clarity through high-end, groundbreaking mixed reality (MR) capture and production. The company was founded to give creators and innovators the highest quality technology for bringing the full three-dimensional spectrum of human expression into VR, AR, and holographic experiences.

Metastage’s mission is to curate MR solutions and make them accessible, reliably, so that creators from any field can place incredibly realistic people and objects into their immersive experiences with captures that feel authentic to the real thing.

Digital content already interacts with the physical world around us and the super high-quality capture of detailed movement and expressions for narrative content is key to making immersive reality live up to its potential.

“Metastage is capturing incredible performances that can be viewed as if the person were standing right in front of you,” says Christina Heller, CEO of Metastage. “Whether using a VR or AR headset, a 2D screen or simply on a mobile phone, instinct kicks in and you may find yourself trying to reach out to touch them, like many of us have.”

How It’s Done
Microsoft has focused years of research and development to perfect the technology behind their Mixed Reality Capture process, and LA-based Metastage is the first U.S partner studio to bring that amazing technology to content makers and consumers. The system is a comprehensive volumetric capture solution leveraging more than one hundred 12-megapixel capable machine vision cameras with the ability to capture multiple people or objects and output a high-quality 3D asset that maintains its fidelity even as a tiny compressed file.

Microsoft’s technique for capturing volumetric video requires compute power and equipment that is commercial in scale to meet demanding production schedules.

Previously, there was no great accessible and reliable solution for professional-quality capture of multiple people, animals, or moving objects for immersive experiences, and Metastage was built to fix this.