AiSolve Expands Product Line, And Announces New Venues for Location Based VR Attraction


by Anthony Gomez
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WePlayVR by AiSolve is a completely turn-key, one-to-multi-player VR attraction for arcades, family entertainment centres and leisure destinations. Made by UK-based immersive tech pioneers AiSolve, WePlay features a modular design built for expansion. The VR attraction is a free-roaming plug-and-play platform with highly interactive custom games that showcase infinite experiences in a finite space. Unlike any other VR attraction available, WePlay has a haptic floor that provides instant feedback during gameplay while players walk freely through an enclosed 10x10 space. 

This haptic feedback deepens the level of immersion and heightens the intensity of the puzzle-solving, adventure-based experiences AiSolve has quickly become known for developing. When players step inside AiSolve’s custom VR arena, they should be prepared to go forward in time, backward in time or maybe sideways, but always going to a place they couldn’t reach without first entering WePlayVR. 

AiSolve developed and deployed one of the most popular and well-known location-based virtual reality attractions available on the global market, WePlayVR. The single-player WePlay arena is now live at 20 locations worldwide, with a significant roll-out planned for the remainder of 2018. Just a few of these locations include VR Park in Dubai, Family Fun Center in Seattle, Al-Shallal theme park in Saudi Arabi, Trafford Centre in Manchester, Thorpe Park in Greater London and at Game One in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Based on the success of the WePlay brand, AiSolve is expanding the product line to include WePlay 2P, which allows up to two players inside the 10ftx10ft arena. This is a first for AiSolve, as it’s a completely new multi-player experience. The first two-player title, which takes full advantage of WePlay’s haptic floor and free-roaming arena, is set to launch mid-summer 2018, has a working title of ‘Star Defence,’ and is a puzzle-based space elevator adventure.  

More products and features for WePlay are also on the way from AiSolve. To enhance repeatability, they’ve incorporated a new leaderboard system for all games and arenas. In addition, the company are launching WePlay FT, a driving simulator experience which can ship as a stand-alone attraction or attach to the side of the WePlay Classic 10ftx10ft arena. 


WePlay FT integrates directly into the WePlayVR show control operating system so that owners and operators do not need to increase their number of attendants. WePlay FT will feature highly immersive racing games, the first of which is ‘Rodent Rage.’ WePlay FT will ship in the fall of 2018.


The hugely popular spectator portal remains on all WePlayVR products. The portal shows live gameplay footage to bystanders on a viewing screen, so players can share their experience in real time and gives viewers a teaser of what’s to come when they step inside WePlay. The key feature of the spectator portal is the software’s ability to cut away when players are solving puzzles or experiencing a dramatic moment. That spoiler-free cut-away screen time is packaged as an advertising platform controlled by individual venue operators to showcase their own ads or promotions with advertising partners. 

Location based VR is growing in popularity and AiSolve enjoys having mature, award-winning products in the market to meet the growing demand. VR Fest 2018 named WePlayVR the winner in the ‘Best Use of VR Technology’ category and AiSolve will continue to live up to that title. 

About AiSolve
UK-based VR specialist AiSolve has partnered with leading arcade and gaming brands such as Bandai Namco and the largest Middle East distributor of attractions, ASI (Amusement Services International) to distribute its proprietary WePlayVR arenas globally. Quarterly game releases are scheduled and the WePlayVR immersive gaming content catalogue will grow to offer VR experiences for a wide demographic. 

WePlayVR is designed as a turnkey, sustainable, location-based VR gaming system for retail, leisure and entertainment spaces. 

AiSolve is a software and technology developer and creative production house specialising in designing and developing intelligent and responsive digital media installations for retail and leisure destinations. AiSolve harnesses emerging technologies and combines them with powerful proprietary AI (artificial intelligence) to deliver unique, interactive, immersive and intelligent out-of-home gaming attractions among other VR products. 

Anthony Gomez