XR Gift Guide: VR Ready PC

VR Ready PC means something that can drive your headset, games and apps without sweating or dropping.

by Derek Sante
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Let’s talk about VR Ready and what it means when the term is attached to personal computers. Much like a rocking sound system, it is better when installed in a new higher-end vehicle, than strapped to a moped with duct tape and a battery. So if you want to impress your retinas, you might need to splurge on the right PC that’s ready for the next-step in computing.

A couple odds on favorites this year and Black Friday shopping season were from the Dell family, namely the Alienware Aurora A7 desktop and the Dell Inspiron 15 inch laptop (7577). Both will deliver VR and Mixed Reality Headset options at different price points.

Starting with the Dell Inspiron 15 inch Laptop, the 7577 comes packed with everything you need to be VR ready. Including a 15.6 inch Full HD Display, Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of memory, a 1 Tb drive + 128 GB SSD. Plus the ever important VR-ready NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card with 3GB of RAM an 8Gbps memory speed. Top that off with Free Dell Visor Mixed Reality Headset and Motion Controllers ($450 value.) And you have yourself a nice little mobile setup that will get you one step closer to Ready Player One status.

From a “That’ll do” to a “Whoa Momma”, we step up to the Alienware Aurora A7. Anyone that has a list of “Must-Have Gaming Tech” would be remised to not have Alieneware-something in the top 5. Glowing with the LED promise of impeccable speed, graphics and the option to build bigger and better is what makes them the digital cat’s meow of the gaming world.  Design and expansion is delivered in spades for anyone looking to build their VR Ready future. Be wary though, a starting configuration of $800 is like putting a Prius engine into a Ferrari. Sure it’ll work, but it’s not going to impress. Add a little under $2,000 though and be prepared for CPU, RAM, Graphics Card and SSD to sing with a power that will outpace anything that VR has to offer today and the next couple tomorrows.

Dell Inspiron 15 7577 bundle
Price: $900 + Up

Alienware Aurora A7 Desktop
Price: $800 for Barebones. $2,000 + Up for Best Options

More Information: Dell.com

Derek Sante