XR Gift Guide: Oculus Rift

Perfect gift for your tech person!

by Derek Sante
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Since it hit the scene in 2016, Oculus Rift has been the standard for high-end VR done right. Tech giants immediately loved the clean and user-friendly system, using it to wow early techies and nerds with wallets ripe for the picking. Fast forward to today, where we find prices slashed in half by the acceleration of the technology and the options in the VR headset category. Losing the initial roll-out war to PlayStation VR, Oculus finds itself primed to retake the crown this holiday season as content, partnerships and an ever-expanding list of options and upgrades make it the most future-proof kid on the block.

That being said, make sure you have the necessary computing power to really drive this headset. This Black Friday showed us many deals on many “VR Ready” computers, but what they didn’t mention was that most of them had VR requirements that fell more into the minimum than maximum categories. For best results, many games and apps are going to need powerhouse computing, some with dedicated graphics.

As a final thought, I will mention the plethora of options and opportunities that await you now and in the future with Oculus. You’ll play specialized games from Oculus, SteamVR and many more, fly around the world in Google Maps and perhaps build your own personal space, thanks to Oculus Home, which was just announced by Facebook VR. So the future of VR looks to be very bright and Oculus looks poised to be the PC standard.

Specs: 1200 x 1080 pixels (per eye), refresh rate at 90hx and a 110-degree field of view. 

Price: $399 – includes headset, two touch controllers, and two sensors. (Third sensor available for additional $60.)

More information at https://www.oculus.com/

Derek Sante