XR Gift Guide: Occipital Bridge (Mixed Reality)

It's all about the sensor!

by Derek Sante
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The next step in Mixed Reality isn’t necessarily a huge leap in technology away, perhaps it’s just the application and merging of current technologies. With that in mind comes the Occipital Bridge! A VR Headset merged with a Structure sensor and topped off with a wide angle lens and your smartphone. In non-tech terms, “Let’s sandwich all this cool stuff together and make it work!”

Never heard of Occipital before? Not surprising, unless you’re a 3D model fan or invest in tech crowdfunding. To put it simply, Occipital decided to delve into creating a unit that can quickly and accurately scan the real world and combine it into VR, also known as Spatial Mapping.

So combine their software and Structure sensor and you get the aptly defined Bridge. A headset that can scan the real world, then incorporate it into the virtual one. True Mixed Reality will take some time and patience to create as software catches up to the hardware. But available now is an amazing unit that is ready for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and with some tinkering, Mixed Reality. Play with their AI robot Bridget as it scans the surroundings and creates a virtual world on top of the real one, she’ll even play catch. Throw the virtual ball and watch as Bridget navigates behind, over and under objects to get it. Is it perfect, no. But it will “Bridge” the gap in MR until the HoloLens is finally released.

Specs: 326 PPI, 60fps, Camera input to fully tracked post: 10ms

Device: iphone 6s, 7, 8, X

Derek Sante

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