XR Gift Guide: iTunes or Google Play Gift Card

Apps make the world turn!

by Derek Sante
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This is a no-brainer easy gift idea, perhaps it isn’t romantic or personal, but for that logical tech lover in your life, its 50 Shades of Grey & Gone with the Wind wrapped into one. Apps are the gas and fire underneath most Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality experiences. And yes, sometimes they come free, but are we ever really surprised when the fun or cool options are part of an “In-App” purchase?

What you are giving the tech lover in your life isn’t a gift card, its options! The option to experience a new VR tech, expand upon an already loved game or app. At the very least, its a way to make a $5 cardboard headset into a mid-range gift, with little or no effort.

iTunes & Google Play can be found in most tech or grocery stores.

Price Range: $10-?

Derek Sante