XR Gift Guide: Google Cardboard

A cheap and easy VR Gift for tech lovers.

by Derek Sante
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That’s right, they’ve finally accomplished it, technology has finally found a way to harness the power, of cardboard!

Now that the cheering has calmed down, let’s get serious. Google thought this out, it wasn’t a joke that went too far. You have a phone in your pocket and out there in the online ether is VR, so what is the easiest and most affordable way to deliver this content to the masses? Enter Google Cardboard.

Still not sold on it, let’s put aside the whole “entrance into the magical real of VR” thing. Let’s focus on the everyday. Sizing, not an issue, it folds up to a light little brick. Quality, you’re getting the picture from your phone, so if there’s a fingerprint on the screen, it’s probably your fault. Durability, let’s think of this in the terms of kid friendly. You know, those little people that love VR stuff on Youtube Kids App, but who also spill stuff and throw things out windows. And that’s where the magic of Google cardboard really lives! Say it with me now “It’s only 5 bucks”.

Specs: It’s Cardboard

Derek Sante

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